Dec 2018

“I hope that they don’t do that. It would be a terrible mistake if they did.”

Nov 2018


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“You put a guy in jail if he’s trying to kill witnesses, not just talking to witnesses.”

“I am going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated.”

“It takes a strong leader like President Donald Trump to right those wrongs.”

May 2018

Mr. President, commute this man’s sentence

Allahpundit May 25, 2018 8:41 PM

“He’s rebuilt his life and now they’re coming to snatch it.”

“It’s about time.”

Apr 2018

Trump to pardon … Scooter Libby?

Ed Morrissey Apr 13, 2018 8:01 AM


Mar 2018

“…there’s really nothing that Mrs. Clinton did that was any different than what Mr. Saucier did.”

Dec 2017

“[M]embers of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum.”

Trump: Say, maybe Roy Moore should hang it up now

Ed Morrissey Dec 15, 2017 10:11 AM

No pardon for Flynn … yet?

Oct 2017

“This whole thing has got to be shut down.”

Pardon “does not erase a judgment of conviction, or its underlying legal and factual findings.”

“Basic fairness.”

Sep 2017

“He would get nothing, obviously, if what he gave us was not proof.”

Aug 2017

“[D]oing so at this time undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law as Mr. Arpaio has shown no remorse for his actions.”

Deeeeeeeeeep thoughts.

“He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration.”

Jul 2017

Sunday morning talking heads

Allahpundit Jul 23, 2017 8:01 AM


WaPo: Trump looking at it out of “curiosity.”

Jan 2017
Dec 2016

Obama grants clemency to another 231 people

John Sexton Dec 19, 2016 9:01 PM

“Obama has used commutations to grant second chances to people convicted of drug crimes in an era of harsher sentencing laws.”

“Ultimately, it wouldn’t protect a single soul from deportation.”

Snowden making a last ditch pitch to Barack Obama

Jazz Shaw Dec 04, 2016 3:31 PM

Yeah, but Petraeus did a lot worse you know…

Nov 2016

In the clear?

“…the clemency power could not give legal status to any undocumented individual.”