New York
Nov 2016

Hillary’s support in the bluest of states cratered

Business as usual.

Oct 2016

Most are left on the outside looking in

“…the owners wanted to have all work done and finished by Thanksgiving and were quite adamant about it”

The unions still own New York and they don’t like competition

“I don’t know why he did it. It was like just to prove that he could do it, and nothing would happen.”

He can hear the footsteps of the law coming down the hall

“There is a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud…”

“My understanding was Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo has discussed this.”

Sep 2016

Billed as a battle of the ages, both the fighters and the ref left the crowd wanting more

“…he often criticized American culture, comparing it to the strict Islamic code of his homeland.”

“When it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle…”

UPDATE – 7:41 AM: CNN is reporting that a suspect has been named in the New York bombings:
New York police …

Aug 2016

“…even a one-in-five change is significant.”

Siena poll: Hillary up 30 points in New York

Ed Morrissey Aug 15, 2016 9:31 AM

Fantasy over.

Democrats’ Big Dog meets New York Bigger Dog

Same old song and dance

Jul 2016

Stop funding violations of the law

Quinnipiac: Hillary only at 47% in New York

Ed Morrissey Jul 19, 2016 12:01 PM


Jun 2016

Full speech: Trump goes nuclear on Hillary

Allahpundit Jun 22, 2016 2:01 PM

“Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

May 2016

“You two wouldn’t know how to write a good story about me if you tried — dream on.”

“… expressly or tacitly authorized, encouraged and/or condoned the tree and vegetation cutting”

Let’s not be silly here, guys

We’re off to the warden

Corruption probe into Cuomo, de Blasio expands

Jazz Shaw May 10, 2016 10:41 AM

Toxic twins

Hashtag #HeadDesk

Apr 2016

They’ll get to the bottom of this for sure

“Public safety.”

“Do you want that for your president? I don’t think so.”

The permit process involves you knowing the definitions of other weapons, like kung fu stars.