Me Too
Feb 2018

New talk of impeachment, but not for Trump

Jazz Shaw Feb 19, 2018 8:01 AM

Him too…

Evening the odds

Don’t stand… don’t stand… so close to me

“Boys will be boys.”

Jan 2018

Getting what they deserve

Aziz Ansari and the “next sexual revolution”

Jazz Shaw Jan 17, 2018 12:31 PM

If going along with sex is like “borrowing an umbrella” we’ve got a bigger problem than you thought

Him too

Dec 2017

Another shoe drops

Maybe both?

Nov 2017

Preemptive strikes against crimes are problematic

Why are all of you horndogs so worked up anyway?

Don’t push the cart over a cliff

They say #MeToo but won’t say who

Jazz Shaw Nov 20, 2017 2:31 PM

How does that fix anything?

Oct 2017

The anti-hero to the rescue