Louis C.K.'s #MeToo comeback runs into a protest wall

Back in August, we learned that comedian Louis C.K. was staging a comeback after his fall from grace in the midst of the Me Too moment. He showed up unannounced at the Comedy Cellar in New York City and received a standing ovation. Since nobody attempted to take his head off with a rotten tomato then, he did a few more surprise gigs around the city. Apparently believing the coast was clear, Louis took the next step last night, playing an announced gig with his name on the marquee at the same club.

This time things didn’t go quite so well. Having found out in advance that he would be there, people showed up with signs and protested at the club. (Page Six)

Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. continued his attempt to make a comeback with a set at a club in Manhattan Monday night — and was picketed by protesters.

The stand-up comic — who admitted to masturbating in front of a slew of women without their consent less than a year ago — performed at the 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. shows at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village…

“He sexually harassed a bunch of women and lied about it for years…,” Lana McCray, 27, told The Post when asked why she was protesting outside the club Monday night.

“He shouldn’t feel comfortable performing here when he makes so many people feel uncomfortable because of what he does. He shouldn’t get to feel comfortable,” she said.

We aren’t getting any specifics, but one person who attended said that the comic had “acknowledge the scandal” during his set. He also made jokes about the way he had behaved toward women during his August appearances. So is that it? That’s what it takes for all to be forgiven and you’re allowed back into the liberal clubhouse? Apparently, he can make a few masturbation jokes at his own expense and that’s the end of it.

What is perhaps more interesting about this event isn’t the people who were protesting. It’s the people who weren’t protesting. In fact, a couple of prominent female comedians not only didn’t object, but they took the stage on the same night alongside Louis C.K. They included Michelle Wolf (you remember her from Nerd Prom, right?) and Nikki Glaser.

This is particularly odd for Wolf because the set took place only ten days after she was in Scotland doing a performance where she criticized the #MeToo movement for not getting it right and bemoaning how the goals of the movement might never work. In June she dedicated an entire episode of her show to it.

Not to put too fine of a point on it here, but these two ladies shouldn’t be speaking up too loudly the next time a #MeToo story comes along. If you’re willing to take the same stage as Louis C.K. less than a year after he admitted to what he’d done, you’ve pretty well chosen sides at that point. But for Louis? It’s on with the show.

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