Oct 2018

It’s not a “job” if nobody hired you

Jealous is getting jealous of Hogan’s numbers

And in some cases it might help. In others? A slippery slope

Sep 2018

Remind me again why colleges are handling rape cases and not the police?

And some other animals as well

Putting the “me” back in crab meat

Aug 2018

Maybe not where you think

Jun 2018

“One stupid, regrettable tweet”

“He’s a f***** nut job.”

“Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees”

Will they be getting any help? Maybe

Unique specimen

A unanimous punt?

Still no consensus

Not In My Back Yard

MS-13 creating chaos at a Maryland middle-school

John Sexton Jun 11, 2018 3:21 PM

“The school is a ticking time bomb.”

“Take that, Trump!”

Like a shot in the dark… literally

May 2018

Gone far too soon

“We’re a high tax state and people are leaving”

A brief reprieve, but far better than the alternative

Slipping away

They’re in a pinch

Apr 2018

And so far manages to fail

We wouldn’t want to offend any of the gang members now, would we?

Would *you* want to move there?

Mar 2018

Funny how that works

A bit of sanity prevails

This should make for a fascinating legal challenge

Feb 2018

Improving, but still very bad

Let’s not get too carried away here

And several other sports as well

No matter how it happened, job well done

Jan 2018

That’s why the lady… is a champ

Well, you’re challenging the established reality at least

Oops, did he do it again?


And amazingly, there are some who would support that idea

A somber, annual ritual in Charm City

Dec 2017

“The first time a married senior colleague grabbed my rear end, I was shocked.”