Mark Meadows
Dec 2018
Sep 2018

“But we should be able to ask questions about what took place in that meeting.”

Jul 2018

Come on, you can’t impeach Rosenstein, says ….

Ed Morrissey Jul 26, 2018 8:41 AM

Ethics or “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

“Time is up and the consequences are here.”

May 2018

“They can’t even resist leaking their own drafts.”

Mar 2018

“It’s a hypothetical. I’m not going to answer. It just is not going to happen.”

Feb 2018

Uh oh.

Sunday morning talking heads

Allahpundit Feb 11, 2018 8:01 AM

Damage control.

Jan 2018

“Worse than Watergate”?

Double down: DoJ reopening Hillary e-mail scandal?

Ed Morrissey Jan 04, 2018 12:01 PM


Sep 2017

“If things don’t change — and fast — the American people will demand new leadership in Congress.”

Apr 2017

“We’re very close.”

“When we read about a piece of legislation in your publication for the first time, it’s a problem.”

Ryan on AHCA: Don’t get your hopes up yet

Ed Morrissey Apr 04, 2017 9:41 PM

“White House is taking the lead this time”?

Hole in one?

Feb 2017

House Freedom Caucus wants Obamacare repeal now

John Sexton Feb 14, 2017 1:01 PM

“My concern is the entire repeal is in mortal danger.”

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