Sunday morning talking heads

Democrats are bringing out the big guns, or what passes for big guns, this fine Sunday morning to press the case for impeachment. Adam Schiff is back after a rare week off, turning up on “Face the Nation” to discuss the report his committee will formally present to Jerry Nadler at this week’s hearings. Nadler himself is set for “State of the Union,” where he’ll press the point that it’s odd for the president to have spent months complaining that he has no role in the House process only to decline the opportunity to participate once that role was offered. Expect some uncomfortable questions for both men about the polling showing that the public isn’t even a tiny bit more jazzed to remove Trump now than they were at the start of October.

They might also be asked who Pelosi’s leaning towards making an impeachment manager once the case proceeds to the Senate. Schiff himself is in the running, of course, as are two other guests scheduled this morning. One, David Cicilline, is a member of Nadler’s Judiciary Committee and of the Foreign Affairs Committee, where he reportedly took an “active role” during the closed-door deposition phase of the process. He’ll be on “Fox News Sunday.” Another frontrunner and Judiciary Committee member, Zoe Lofgren, has been around long enough to have worked on the Clinton *and* Nixon impeachments (as a House staffer in the latter case). She’s the lead guest on “This Week.”

No one from the White House is scheduled as I write this but two reliable Trump surrogates are booked. Mark Meadows will sit down with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to rebut Schiff and Nadler, respectively, while Matt Gaetz will talk with “This Week” following Lofgren. One thing to watch out for with both men is how critical they are of Rudy Giuliani and his new trip to Ukraine. Gaetz called that “weird” in a CNN interview on Thursday, possibly his way of trying to put some distance between the president and Rudy. If he and Meadows double down on that this morning, it’ll be solid evidence that Trump doesn’t want to be associated with what Giuliani’s up to. Whether he *is* associated with it behind the scenes is, of course, a separate question.

If none of that tempts you, SecDef Mark Esper will be on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the possibility of a major new deployment to the Middle East and to squirm when he’s asked why the president is so keen to pardon accused war criminals. And Cory Booker will be on “This Week” in a last-ditch bid to convince Democrats that they’re racist if he doesn’t get some traction in the polls soon. The full line-up is at the AP.