Dec 2018

“Mr. President, I understand what you want to do but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law.”

Sep 2018

“Don’t know why Washington politicians don’t change libel laws?”

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Jan 2018

The last straw.

Oct 2017
Jun 2017

Why are there no good Samaritans in China?

John Sexton Jun 11, 2017 5:01 PM

“In the West, law, faith and morality are a three-legged stool.”

Apr 2017
Oct 2016

“I understand the tax laws better than almost anyone. And that is why I am one that can truly fix them.”

Nov 2015

“It’s hard to keep up with how many times Marco changes his positions on these things…”

Oct 2015

Does the Iran nuclear deal violate federal law?

Ed Morrissey Oct 08, 2015 9:21 PM

“Alice-in-Wonderland bootstrapping.”

Jul 2015

Contempt for the law: America’s biggest threat?

Bruce McQuain Jul 09, 2015 12:41 PM

Lawlessness is inevitable

Apr 2015

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Jun 2014

“To make matters worse, this is a long series of violations of federal law this president has been accused of.”

Apr 2014

Keep ’em separated

Feb 2014

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The divide.

Nov 2013


Oct 2013

Quotes of the day

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A failure at every level.

Aug 2013


Jul 2013

It’s come to this.

Apr 2013

Video: Did Tsarnaevs finance bomb plot with drug sales?

Ed Morrissey Apr 25, 2013 10:41 AM

WaPo: Is the FBI focused enough on the real bad guys?

Minus the gunpowder.

Police: Dzhokhar was unarmed when captured

Ed Morrissey Apr 25, 2013 8:41 AM

Quit talking after Miranda.

“[I]n order to get the death penalty they have to prove a terrorist intention.”

Feb 2013

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