Utah legislators, uh, rap about how a bill becomes a law to the, uh, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song

You’re not having a stroke. The headline you just read is a perfectly accurate description of what follows, in case you missed it elsewhere yesterday.

To cleanse the palate, I’m oddly charmed by their commitment to the terrible, terrible concept. Someone had the idea to make an educational video about the legislative process — so far, so good — except set to music, a niche genre in which the bar is surprisingly high. But not just any music. Hip-hop. And not just any hip-hop. A TV theme song, from a show that went off the air literally decades ago. Either this was the most innocuous rap they knew or, more likely, it’s literally the only rap they knew.

Put all that together and hand it off to a group of middle-aged white-bread guys and gals from the most strait-laced state in the union and everything portended disaster. But damn it, they went for it. They had a vision, and they wouldn’t let anything stand in their way from realizing it.

I mean, the hand gestures alone.

Exit quotation from a Twitter pal: Consider this yet another argument for greater racial diversity in state legislatures.