Aug 2018

“…we worked with Homeland Security Investigations and they have him as an illegal alien.”

Jul 2018

Now it’s the employers who need to “show us your papers”

Jun 2018
Feb 2018

Too little, and possibly too late

Oct 2017

“It’s a Rubik’s cube with five dimensions.”

“We use to joke about President Bannon. Now it’s President Miller.”

Sep 2017

The tool works. It’s just not being used.

Jun 2017
Mar 2017

We can do it because it’s already been done

Nov 2015

But you could if you actually tried

Oct 2014

“He needs to stop playing politics, stop running for office, stop playing the ethnic groups…”

Jun 2013

Would E-Verify result in a national ID database?

Jazz Shaw Jun 16, 2013 9:31 AM


Jun 2011

Walking the line on immigration.