Jun 2017

“No work permits will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates.”

Jan 2017

CBS: This week in executive orders …

Ed Morrissey Jan 28, 2017 4:01 PM

Refugee EO is legal. But is it wise?

Nov 2016

The legal battle over DACA just ended

John Sexton Nov 18, 2016 5:21 PM

“Given the change in Administration…”

Jun 2016
Apr 2016

The 8-justice wrinkle.

Nov 2015

“It’s hard to keep up with how many times Marco changes his positions on these things…”

Oct 2015
Sep 2015

“Oyez, oyez, oyez!”

May 2015

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit May 26, 2015 10:41 PM


Mar 2015

“Only pull the card out when you’re detained by an immigration official”

Feb 2015

What a mess.