Jan 2017

“The hardest thing”

Dec 2016

Let’s just call the whole thing off

Charlotte suddenly saw reason? Er ….

Nov 2016

Justified action, but there will still be trouble

Sep 2016

“The Charlotte man accused of killing a protester Wednesday…has admitted to the shooting”

Questions are being answered but room is left for angst

“…the video did not prove that the shooting was either justified or unjustified.”

“I never said full transparency.”

“…the releasing of the video can defuse some of the tension”

Chaos in the streets, looting, injuries… these are not the hallmarks of a “protest”

“People [are] looking for some accountability.”

Feb 2016

City vs State

Jun 2015

Because something, something, something… Racism!

Sep 2014

“[I]f she does have a political future, it would be from the side of politics that is more about finance.”