Oct 2018

Because why would you want the police to be armed, right?

Jun 2018

False rape accuser heading to prison

Jazz Shaw Jun 08, 2018 10:41 AM

A twisted tale that’s still not over

Mar 2018

“I would say we have majority support.”

Nov 2017

“It’s a pretty simple concept, okay?”

Oct 2017

Good for her, not that anyone will listen

“huge majorities of African Americans and Latinos say…those very same statements are ‘not offensive.'”

It’s more than just words

Sep 2017

Good for the goose, etc.

“Starting today, the Department of Justice will do its part in this struggle.”

Still missing the point

“[If] Black Bloc tactics and destruction of property and things like that can further the cause then I would be all for it.”

“Neuroscience research does not support [the] claim that high levels of stress hormones impair memory for traumatic experience.”

“the letter and subsequent directives triggered the creation of a parallel justice system for sexual assault”

Aug 2017

Heightening the contradictions.

“I’m very grateful for these tapes.”

Jul 2017

“they conclude that physical violence is sometimes justified in order to stop such verbal violence.”

“…it seems that speech — at least certain types of speech — can be a form of violence.”

“Whose speech do I want protected, and at what social cost?”

“AFSCME takes protecting the jobs of its members very seriously…”

Jun 2017

“Rolling Stone and Erdely had an agenda…”

“…campus police told him there was about $10,000 worth of property damage.”

“out of an abundance of caution…”

Apr 2017

Sire, the snowflakes are revolting!

Feb 2017

Justice is blind but there’s no need for it to be dumb

Jan 2017

“…a live deposition would impose emotional and psychological trauma”

Dec 2016

Justice delayed

“This sounds like a total horror — it’s the worst of all possible outcomes.”

Nov 2016

Time to buckle up and get on with business

It all comes down to technicalities

Sep 2016

We have safe spaces, but not for conservative speakers

The views of a “reasonable person” have no place in a kangaroo court, sir. You are out of order.

Aug 2016

I hope none of them are named “Lynch”

Jun 2016

Justice is (mostly) served

Apr 2016
Mar 2016
Feb 2016

Better late than never I suppose

Jan 2016

Yeah, he’s toast