Bowe Bergdahl
Feb 2017

Trump’s comments were not a disqualifying factor

Can Bowe Bergdahl get a fair trial?

Jazz Shaw Feb 13, 2017 4:21 PM

As fair as anybody else

Jan 2017
Dec 2016

Off the hook?

Aug 2016
Jul 2016


May 2016

“…the court-martial could make headlines only weeks after the new commander-in-chief is sworn in as president.”

Dec 2015

Early recommendations rejected

Oct 2015

Out to pasture

Sep 2015

“Delusional and self-deluded?”

Jun 2015
Mar 2015
Feb 2015

And guess who we’ll be talking with?

Jan 2015

“Nobody can do anything to him now — he’s leaving.”

… White House balking at announcement?

Dangerous precedent.

Aug 2014

Report: Obama’s Bergdahl swap violated the law

Noah Rothman Aug 21, 2014 6:41 PM


Jul 2014
Jun 2014

“Shut up!”

“They are not a danger if they are kept where they’re supposed to be kept.”


“This was an extraordinary situation.”

“We try to rescue everybody.”

Hagel to get grilled on Capitol Hill today.

Politicizing a Tragedy

Noah Rothman Jun 10, 2014 4:31 PM

“We have to act.”

An effective dismantling.

Are Democrats giving up on Obama?

Ed Morrissey Jun 09, 2014 12:01 PM

The last straw?

“Their intellectual dishonesty here is astounding.”

When I said “honor and distinction,” I mean his enlistment.

“If this is whipped up, the project of whipping it up is remarkably bipartisan.”

Taliban threatened to kill Bergdahl if long-discussed deal leaked, or something.

Now they’re worried.