Bill Ayers: U.S. should 'build monuments to the unknown deserters' like Bergdahl

On Monday night, University professor and former Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers joined Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly where he was grilled over his past violent activities and his controversial views. The interview became heated when Kelly and Ayers argued over whether the violence he advocated is equivalent to the violence perpetuated by the United States in conducting operations overseas.

“You sound like — with respect — Osama bin Laden,” Kelly said when Ayers asserted that it would be “fair and balanced” for American media outlets to examine the violent history of the United States as thoroughly as they do his activities.

Later, Ayers asserted that it was a “heroic thing to do” if it is proven that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post. “I think, throughout history, we should build monuments to the unknown deserters,” he added, equating Bergdahl’s alleged desertion with those who fled the United States to avoid serving in Vietnam. “The people who look at the craziness that they are asked to participate in and say, ‘I’m not part of this.’”

Later in the interview, Kelly pressed Ayers to repent for his attempt to bomb a dance hall filled with U.S. soldiers. That nail-filled improvised explosive device went off prematurely, killing Ayer’s girlfriend at the time along with two others.

“You realize people could’ve been hurt, you admitted it in the beginning,” Kelly noted.

“I realized people could’ve been hurt,” Ayers answered. “Thank god they weren’t, but we made every attempt not to and they weren’t.”

“I don’t say it wasn’t reckless and I don’t say it wasn’t illegal, it was illegal,” he added.

“You could have murdered somebody with those bombs,” Kelly shot back.

“The people who were conducting the war in Vietnam actually murdered people,” Ayers insisted.

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