Hot Air Primary Survey Follow Up results

First, the Obamacare results.


To our respondents, voting for implementation of Obamacare at the state level is basically indistinguishable from a vote in favor of the underlying law. That’s a pretty important result in the context of a primary where potential challengers like John Kasich and Mike Pence are implementing, or trying to implement, the President’s signature legislation.

As to the survey for the primary itself, there seems to have been both little movement and lots of movement simultaneously. Ted Cruz earns 28% of the vote this time around, basically matching his 29% showing from earlier this month. Rick Perry remains in fourth at 7%, close to his 8% showing before. But Scott Walker has jumped to the top of the list this week, earning a full 31% of the vote. That jump may be at Rand Paul‘s expense; whereas Walker jumped 13 points over the course of about two weeks, Paul dropped about 10 points, but remains in third. Moving into fifth place is Ben Carson, replacing Mitt Romney.


Scott Walker also wins the “second choice” race, ahead of Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Ben Carson.


And Walker wins the “acceptable alternative” race, ahead of Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Ben Carson — mirroring the result of the “second choice” question.


Demographics were consistent relative to the last survey. Your analyses are welcome in the comments, on Twitter and on your blogs. Thanks again!