Dems 2020 prospects appear to hinge on two white men in their 70s and 80s

Democrats are foaming at the mouth to oust Donald Trump from the White House. Without any valid reason to impeach him, their sights are set on 2020. But, their top tier level of candidates might give Trump a golden path to a re-election victory.

The Hill interviewed a dozen top Democrat insiders to gauge the party’s 2020 prospects. The answers they gave highlight the party’s lack of new blood at the highest level.

With perhaps as many as 30 Democrats possibly jumping in the 2020 presidential primary, the top prospect is a man who will be pushing 80 by the time the next general presidential election rolls around. Bernie Sanders grabbed the attention of young far left-leaning voters in his 2016 primary race against Bill Clinton’s wife. Insiders believe this socialist Senator might be the solution to Donald Trump in the next presidential election.

Joe Biden comes in at a solid number two. The former Vice President who undoubtedly takes a “hands-on” approach to campaigning. At one year younger than Sanders, Biden wouldn’t be labeled a young and up and coming candidate.

In the current environment where sexual harassment and assault charges dominate headlines, Biden’s wandering hands very likely might face scrutiny. In the past, his caressing of women and teen girls in public was dismissed as Joe Biden being Joe Biden. But, the crazy overly affectionate uncle routine is likely to play poorly in the future. Barack Obama’s wingman will have to keep his hands to himself and explain his decades-long issue with respecting women’s personal space.

Both Sanders and Biden have put in decades of time in federally elected office. With so many political chickens coming home to roost, this is unlikely to work in their favor at the ballot box.

The third 2020 prospect the Democratic insiders listed isn’t that much better. Elizabeth Warren’s left-wing positions often mimic those of Bernie Sanders. In addition, this Hillary Clinton cheerleader already has been christened with a nickname from President Trump that has stuck.

This list only highlights the Democrats’ identity crisis. They continue looking to the same old names for future prospects. As I wrote previously, a Saturday Night Live recent skit took them to task for this very issue. These top three prospects show that beltway insiders continue living in their bubble.

If these are their best prospects, the Democrats are in serious need of some medication to treat their Trump Derangement Syndrome because they will likely have a prolonged case of it.