Inane: The Obligatory "Subliminal Messages in Hillary's Commercial" Post

Ann Althouse says the new Hillary commercial has a subliminal message: a kid is wearing pajamas that seem to have the letters “NIG” on them. It’s at :12 here:

This is, of course, exceedingly silly. The only interesting question is whether Big Media will run with it or not. The answer: possibly. Since it hurts Hillary and helps the Messiah, why not?

Once the subliminal craziness starts, my friends, it never stops. I am now receiving e-mails detailing alleged Jewish references as well:

Opening shot: light allegedly resembles Star of David.

:04 — six-pointed stars on the girl’s pajamas.

:19 — design of sheets resembles a tallit or an Israel flag.

A blue and white tinge to the opening scenes supposedly references the blue and white flag of Israel.

Once you go looking for subliminal messages, you’ll see them everywhere. But it’s fun to discuss. And if this issue makes it into the Big Media bloodstream, it’ll be fun to watch Hillary deal with it.

I have a more detailed discussion of the “NIG” controversy at my site here, including an embed of the Bush “RATS” commercial from 2000. And I have a post about the alleged Jewish references here.

— Patterico