‘Mentally unstable’ Texan escapes to North Korea where he’s now denouncing America

Far be it from me to suggest that a criminal state that imprisons whole families and forces most of its population to endure constant famine conditions show some class and not abuse a “mentally unstable” man suffering from bipolar disorder for his propaganda value, but what can you do? It’s North Korea.

That’s where 29-year-old Texas native Arturo Martinez traveled after he deftly managed to secure his release from the institution where he was hospitalized. According to reports, Martinez successfully won a court order for his own release from a California psychiatric hospital, took out a payday loan, and traveled to China where he apparently crossed into the Hermit Kingdom. Martinez’s mother claims that her son suffers from mental disorders and had made unsuccessful attempts to enter North Korea in the past.

Martinez recently turned up at a press conference in the Stalinist state where condemned America and said the country of his birth is today managed like a criminal organization.

“The illegal war carried out against the nation of Iraq serves as a perfect example of how the U.S. government acts much like a Mafia enterprise, but criminally plundering entire nations of their resources, strategic reserves and economies instead of smaller scale business and individuals, and does so without a code of ethics,” Martinez said at a press conference in North Korea, according to CNN.

He said the electoral system in the United States “is unfairly built for the benefit of the wealthy through the necessity of costly fundraising for political candidates seeking office. The democracy of this nation is an illusion and its representatives act as nothing more than power brokers for those who can offer them.”

Of the wealthy people in the United States, he said, “These billionaires in power are nothing short of sociopathic megalomaniacs on the path to absolute world domination.”

He also talked about unidentified flying objects, CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, “ultrasonic” devices that cause people to hear voices and experience bodily discomfort and how the Western news media unfairly portrayed North Korea.

He also purportedly muttered something about the polluting of his “precious bodily fluids,” too.

This revelation comes just days after DNI James Clapper traveled to North Korea where he successfully negotiated the release of the last two American hostages in Pyongyang’s custody. It is unlikely that the United States will mount a similar effort to negotiate the release of Martinez, not that he has asked for it.

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