Watch: Hillary Clinton heckled by angry immigration activists

Young Hispanic activists, fed up with the Obama administration after nearly 6 years of promises for immigration reform but no legislation, are taking their frustrations out on the next best thing: Hillary Clinton.

Appearing at an even at the University of Maryland on Thursday, the familiar chants of “Hillary!” from the likely Democratic standard-bearer’s admirers were unexpectedly drowned out by what was reported to be waves of immigration activists who hekcled the former secretary of state.

“Immigration is an important issue,” Hillary conceded, struggling to be heard over the raucous so-called DREAMERs. When the boos had died down, Clinton, forcing a smile, assured the rally’s attendees that she was just getting to the issue of the DREAM Act.

“The rolling protests by members of the group United We Dream came during a rally at the University of Maryland for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown,” Politico reported. “They also came nearly a week after so-called Dreamers interrupted Clinton’s speech in North Carolina, where she was campaigning for Sen. Kay Hagan; the activists reportedly said they were mishandled by officials at that rally when they were being led out.”

This kind of hostility from a key voting bloc directed at figures like Hagan, Brown, and Clinton, the most critical pillar of the long-delayed Emerging Democratic Majority, is going to rattle a few cages. In the clip above, The Washington Post’s Nia Malika-Henderson predicted such Democratic alarm that there would be a push for legislation in the lame duck session. “It’s going to be a fight,” she said, and she may be right. But a fight is all that is in the offing for the lame duck in terms of immigration legislation and, if Democrats push for one, it will show reveal the in-party’s strategy is more focused on appearing to be interested in reform solely to mollify their frustrated core Hispanic voters.

Much of what happens with immigration reform in the 115th Congress depends on what happens next Tuesday. It is clear, however, that the Democrats are facing so much heat from a base of voters who are so frustrated that they are heckling the party’s likely presidential nominee and are indifferent toward a Republican Senate majority. The president’s party is going to be hitting the panic button on the immigration issue soon.