Winning hearts and minds: One Ferguson protester declares ‘ISIS is here’

The fundamentalist militants fighting under the Islamic State’s banner have destroyed several nearly 2,000-year-old religious shrines. They have carried out a near genocidal massacre of Iraq’s Shia. They have exiled, robbed, and forcibly converted Christians. ISIS militants have enslaved women and children, buried people alive. By some accounts, these medieval barbarians have beheaded kids and tied people to two cars traveling in opposite directions resulting in their being simply torn in two.

These are the horrors that ISIS is committing, and anyone who has even casually glanced at the international headlines in the last 75 plus days is aware of the terror this group is unleashing on the residents of those areas which they control. It is that condition which makes this sign which surfaced in Ferguson last night all the more abhorrent.

ISIS is here

BuzzFeed reporter Dorsey Shaw confirmed that this sign is real and not a Photoshop.

Conservatives will know well that the press is prone to featuring one inartful protest sign and implying that the tasteless sentiment expressed on it is representative of a group or even a whole movement. It is a dishonest tactic, one which the press will not apply to these protesters as they did to the tea party in 2009-10. Conservatives should not be so quick to apply that same dishonest standard to the protesters in Ferguson.

That aside, this is an unquestionably offensive sentiment to express verbally much less in writing. While violence in Ferguson appears on the rise, and agitators stream into that troubled city – many of whom even Ferguson residents have denounced for instigating violence – this will not help the protesters win the hearts and minds of Americans watching events in Missouri unfold from their living rooms.

UPDATE: Caleb Howe has the video of this incident which broadcast on CNN: