Democratic Colorado governor exalts Obama's pool game, is not helping

President Barack Obama has taken a lot of flak for indulging his penchant for posing for photographs at inopportune moments or taking vacations amid domestic and international crises. The president’s approach to the border crisis may be his most brazen display of contempt for those concerned with the flood of illegal minor immigrants crossing the southern border.

Since the start of this crisis, Obama has been photographed dismissively playing billiards and drinking beer. From there, the president engaged in some crass campaigning just miles from a southern border he steadfastly refused to visit. Next, Obama will head off for a 15-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard at the beginning of August.

The president would probably like for his casual frivolity in Colorado ahead of two days of Democratic fundraisers in Texas to simply disappear from the public consciousness. Unfortunately for him, Obama’s pool partner, Centennial State Gov. John Hickenlooper, is not helping in that effort.

The Wall Street Journal was able to secure an exit interview from Hickenlooper after his historic game with the president – perhaps more historic than he would prefer – in which reporters sought the governor’s impressions of Obama’s game. In that debriefing, Hickenlooper delivered an over-the-top, Kim Jong-illian appraisal of the president’s billiards ability.

The Journal sets the stage…

Like a champion, Hickenlooper entered the crucible of play ready to display every ounce of his aptitude. He told reporters he “felt pretty good” about his chance against the 44th president.

“And then, literally before my eyes he ran like four balls,” Hickenlooper marveled.

Without ceremony, Hickenlooper recalled, Obama humbled the Colorado governor before his constituents.

“I was playing as hard as I could possibly play,” he added, a conspicuous bead of sweat likely escaping his brow as he recalled this moment of shame.


“I still had four balls on the table when he nailed the eight ball,” the governor stressed

Amazing! Again!

“He was making long shots with a difficult angle,” the governor confessed. “I didn’t know people in Hawaii played that much pool. Evidently they do.”

“The man is a shark,” Hickenlooper sycophantically concluded.

What a powerhouse that Obama is. At least, in the pool hall. It makes you wonder what would have happened to Hickenlooper’s family had he merely offered a modest evaluation of the president’s game.

Meanwhile, the latest of another summer of controversies and scandals continues to weigh Obama down with just three months to go before the midterm elections. Perhaps Democratic voters will be energized enough by the party of flippancy amid crisis to head to the polls in November, but that seems unlikely.