Video: Michelle Malkin takes on Juan Williams over comparisons between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party

Hot Air’s Boss Emeritus was on Hannity last night, facing off against Juan Williams on a discussion segment dealing with the Occupy protests on Tuesday. In defense of the violent behavior of the occupiers, Williams attempted to compare the movement to the Tea Party. The result was predictably one-sided, but highly entertaining nonetheless. Michelle at her very best, via Gateway Pundit:

If it wasn’t for his baseless attacks on the tea party, I’d almost feel a little sorry for Juan Williams. He was outmatched to begin with and he’s really in a position here of trying to defend the indefensible. To support the Occupy movement in any way is to support anarchy, and orchestrated chaos and violence. This is a movement founded on anarchist principles, and led by anarchists and other radical leftists who openly call for the destruction of capitalism and the political system which supports it.

To compare it to the Tea Party is really an insult to both movements. Tea partiers abhor violence, and the bulk of the energy behind the movement is directed at demanding more fiscally responsible behavior from government, and restoring the freedoms and institutions which have made this country great. The aim of the occupiers is to tear down the system from within, and replace it with mob rule. They encourage the presence of revolutionary communists and black bloc anarchists within their midst, knowing full well that violence will ultimately be required to achieve their aims.

Restore and preserve versus tear down and destroy. The contrast could not be more clear and it’s a disgrace that people who consider themselves to be mainstream Democrats would support or defend a movement as transparently anti-American as this.

Malkin 1, Williams 0.

(Update: fixed the headline.)

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John Sexton 1:00 PM on February 01, 2023