NEA Sets Aside $10 Million for 2014 Elections

The National Education Association has designated $10 million from member dues contributions for the 2014 general election, an increase of $2 million from 2012.

The money will be used for a variety of political activities in states designated by NEA’s leadership as important battlegrounds, presumably to help Democrats retain control of the Senate, and for targeted House races. These activities are generally described as “communication to the public around candidates and issues.”

Since it is dues money, it cannot be donated to political candidates or their parties, nor can its use be coordinated with political candidates or their parties. Direct campaign contributions are limited to voluntary payments from members to the union’s political action committee.

Though we can expect NEA to independently use the bulk of the money to promote its education agenda, it may coordinate and partner with other labor unions on broader public policy issues.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022