Sexy thangs: Jon Hamm plays Scott Brown on SNL

Live from New York last night on SNL: Dashing actor Jon Hamm plays Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown driving Democrat leaders to extreme distraction. Delish (via Mediaite):

NRO’s Robert Costa got reaction from Sen.-elect Brown here.

For those of you wondering when Sen.-elect Brown will be seated, word is he’ll be certified and sworn in by Feb. 11, according to the Washington Times:

An issue that refuses to go away, which surrounded the Scott Brown Senate campaign, was when Senator-elect Brown (R – MA) would be certified and sworn in as Massachusetts’s new U.S. Senator.

The Washington Times spoke to Mr. Brown’s spokesman Felix Browne, who said they expect the GOP’er from Wrentham to be seated in the Senate by February 11.

…According to the Brown spokesman, Senator-elect Brown and his staff are monitoring votes on the Hill as they come up. “If there is anything of concern, he may seek to expedite his seating,” said Mr. Browne. However, as of now, “hi-jinks or chicanery” is not suspected at the state level, Mr. Browne noted. “The process appears to be unfolding and proceeding in a natural way.”