Affordable Care Act? The second big lie

Everyone lately has been focused on President Obama’s whopper about being able to keep one’s insurance policy if they liked it. But perhaps the biggest lie about the entire law is to be found in it’s official title with the word “affordable”. The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, made the promise that everyone would have health care insurance and (except for those who liked their plan and planned on keeping it — period) it would be “more affordable.”  Everyone would have lower premiums and better options.


Oh they used the magic buzz word “competition” to try to make their government run and regulated exchanges sound like a real marketplace, but in reality they are anything but that.

Result? Well that’s where the biggest lie comes in:

It also isn’t funny to those who are seeing their premiums go up. According to Heritage researcher Drew Gonshorowski, premiums are going to increase for individuals buying insurance in the exchanges in at least 42  of 47 states.

In fact, health care costs will rise across the board. As Bob Moffit, a Senior Fellow for Health Policy Studies at Heritage, has said, “No matter how you look at this, health care costs both for individuals and for the country as a whole are going to increase.” There are many reasons for this, as Moffit mentioned—namely, 18 new tax hikes$1.8 trillion in new health care entitlement spending, and new benefit mandates.

Gullibility is another word that needs to be talked about a bit more as well.  How gullible are those who really believed that expanding health insurance via 18 new tax hikes and $1.8 trillion in new entitlement spending was going to somehow be more “affordable” in the first place and not effect them in the second?   And when we found out that ObamaCare would require  every policy to have minimum benefits whether or not the policy holder wanted or needed them, how did we figure that would be cheaper and – something we could keep, period?


Then add on the 18,000 or so new IRS agents, the untold number of boards and bureaucrats and the mountains of rules and regulations.  Cheaper?  More affordable?  Really?

The Democrats and Obama counted on a large portion of the population being gullible enough to believe the big lie, despite the obvious tons of reasons (and facts) not to believe them.  And, as polls have indicated from the beginning, the majority of America wasn’t at all convinced that the promises had any basis in reality.  They and the GOP were against it and resisted it from the beginning.  As it turns out, they were right to do so.

There is nothing “affordable” about this farce known as the Affordable Care Act.  As Ed Fuelner says at the Heritage Foundation:

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for our country. This is why it would have been better to defund it before it took the toll that it is already taking on so many American citizens.

Note the third word of interest in this post – “defund”.  Somehow among much of the GOP “defund” has turned into “replace”, as in “with what should we replace this disaster”.

That brings us to a quote by another great American, Thomas Sowell, who answers the question quite succinctly:


No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: “But what would you replace it with?” When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with?

Nothing.  And that’s why ObamaCare’s future should be to end up in the ash heap of history and be replaced with … nothing.  It was a lie from the beginning, it is a failure on implementation and as any good tactician will tell you, you don’t reinforce failure.


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