Clinton: You can sit with me at my next fundraisers for $353k

The Democratic Party is the party of the workingman and the underprivileged, where talk about race relations, income inequality, and the 2016 election are front and center if you can afford to come to the party. Lucky contenders will have the high privilege of sitting next to the former first lady and the Clooneys if you have $353,400 on you. You also qualify if you have raised that amount as well. The event will be at the home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar in the San Francisco Bay Area. Another fundraiser event with the Clooneys and Clinton will occur on April 16 at a $33,400-a-ticket event in their mansion in Los Angeles (via Politico):

It will cost more than four times the average income in San Francisco to eat dinner next to Hillary Clinton and the Clooneys there next month.

For two seats at the head table with Clinton, George Clooney and his wife, attorney Amal Clooney, at an April 15 fundraiser, a couple must contribute or raise a whopping $353,400 — a huge ticket price for a hard-dollar fundraiser.

The Bay Area fundraiser, hosted at the home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, is one of two events starring the Clooneys. On April 16, Clinton and the Clooneys will reunite at the Clooney Los Angeles mansion, where tickets cost $33,400 per person to dine at the table next to one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couple.

Both events raise money for the Hillary Victory Fund. While the maximum donation to a presidential campaign is $2,700 for the primary elections (plus another $2,700 for the general), the Hillary Victory Fund can accept much larger contributions because it is a so-called joint fundraising committee that is comprised of multiple committees.

President Obama attended a fundraising event in the Bay Area in February, where he mentioned income inequality to a small crowd of uber-wealthy liberal donors at the home of former eBay executive Steve Westly. The president was discussing the rising tide of populism seen this cycle, though the fundraiser was also $33,400 per ticket. They’re the party of the people, all right–rich people.

Yet, it’s fine that rich people are giving Clinton money and are concerned about income inequality. Just don’t say that she cares, empathizes or knows about the difficulties that face most Americans face when she gets paid more money than most make in their entire lifetimes for a single speech.