Video: Students think Ahmed's clock totally looks like a bomb

So, we all know about Ahmed Mohamed’s shabby looking clock that came in a suitcase. School administrators in Texas were concerned it looked like a bomb, suspended the 14-year-old, but not after police placed him in handcuffs. It inevitably sparked controversy, where racism, Islamophobia, and profiling were drawn into this media firestorm. The White House has extended Ahmed an invitation over this matter. Attorneys are now fighting the school to get the clock back.

So, is this a serious case of anti-Muslim discrimination, or does this clock bring genuine concerns to the general public? It’s probably the latter. Now, what about college students? They’re young, liberal, and live in an environment where speech codes, safe spaces, and microaggressions would make them side with Ahmed, right?

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph ventured onto the hallowed ground of George Mason University and showed students a picture of the clock in question. Most students interviewed said it looked like a bomb.


“It looks like a bomb,” said one student caught by Joseph on the campus’ free speech zone. His buddy agreed with him. Upon seeing the photo, one female student knew about the story, saying, “it’s the clock, but it looks like a bomb.”

“I would probably assume that it looks something, like, that might explode,” said another. One female interview said the photo looked like a lie detector test.

Joseph then asked students if the picture looks like a clock to them?

“It does not,” said yet another student agreeing that this clock eerily resembles a bomb.

When asked what they would do if they saw this in, say, a classroom, students said they were “very concerned.” One said she “would probably report it if she had the chance.” Another one said she would call the police.

Dan added, “What kind of clock comes in a suitcase?”

Regardless, students at George Mason, overall, thought Ahmed’s clock looked liked a bomb, it freaked everyone out, and they would call the police.