Let's just run through the facts of Billy Jeff's Great Swedish Caper

The only surprise in this story is that Bill didn’t find a way to rope in a Swedish women’s Olympic team of some sort.

But even if the conduct herein isn’t all that surprising, given it’s the Clintons we’re talking about, it’s still flabbergasting when you look at the facts laid out. Ed mentioned this earlier, but let’s just boil down this great and thorough Washington Times piece.

During Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s tenure, there was a time when the United States was putting pressure on many international businesses to cease their business with Iran, and placing companies who refused to on a sanctions list.

Over in Sweden, a couple of high-profile companies with good political ties didn’t want to end up on that list— Ericsson and Volvo among them.

One Bill Clinton took his talents to Sweden where he set up the William J. Clinton Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse, which was essentially a place where those who were so inclined might drop off their bags o’ kroner, and who’s to say what might come of it?

That foundation raked in $26 million, largely from Swedish lotteries closely aligned with and regulated by the Swedish government…which, along with Swedish companies, was trying to avoid being blacklisted by Clinton’s wife’s State Department.

This Clinton Foundation outpost was not cleared by the State Department or disclosed to it despite Clinton promises to do just that.

In addition, Ericsson specifically paid Bill Clinton $750,000 for one speech.

And, lo and behold, no Swedish companies ever ended up on sanctions lists despite warnings from inside U.S. Embassy in Stockholm that Sweden was, indeed, ramping up business with Iran.

Imagine that.

Over to you, Peter Schweizer: