Video: A bunch of crazy bigots speak out for religious liberty

Wow, just check out the hate!

Chuck Schumer:

“The parade of horribles has already begun,” Schumer said, referring to religious liberty cases lost in between a Supreme Court ruling and the Congress passing RFRA. “The American people today know that religious freedom is not a luxury. I believe this legislation is essential.”

Steny Hoyer:

Can you believe this intolerance?

Jerrold Nadler:

“It’s no accident the Founders decided to put the free practice of religion first… and this Congress should do the same…It was the genius of our framers…that we were not to leave minority religious practices to the…majority…If there is a shared American value, it is a commitment to religious liberty.”

Wow, Jerry. No H8.

Harry Reid, debating a later bill on religious liberty while touting his support for RFRA:

“I was a proud supporter of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, whichpassed overwhelmingly during the 103rd Congress only to see the Supreme Court strike it down.”

President Bill Clinton:

We all have a shared desire here to protect perhaps the most precious of all American liberties, religious freedom. Usually the signing of legislation by a President is a ministerial act, often a quiet ending to a turbulent legislative process. Today this event assumes a more majestic quality because of our ability together to affirm the historic role that people of faith have played in the history of this country and the constitutional protections those who profess and express their faith have always demanded and cherished…

More than 50 cases have been decided against individuals making religious claims against Government action since that decision was handed down. This act will help to reverse that trend by honoring the principle that our laws and institutions should not impede or hinder but rather should protect and preserve fundamental religious liberties.

You disgust me.