Too good to check: Obamas may have bought the Magnum P.I. mansion

The ultimate troll? The Obamas buy a fantastical, flashy paradise estate famous for looking good on TV—the home of an unseen, shady billionaire, famously fictionally occupied by a laconic semi-retired leading man whose defining characteristic was his security in his own charm, and a dour scold who barely tolerated him? And they buy it through a series of high-dollar fundraisers and shell moves? Well, yeah, I guess that sounds about right. Robin, Zeus and Apollo might have been pleased.


According to a report from Fox affiliate KHON, Waimanalo Paradise LLC purchased the property on Monday for $8.7 million. Its mailing address and contact is reportedly listed as Obama donor Seth Madorsky, a lawyer in Chicago. The property was then sold to another limited liability corporation based in Colorado, according to a report from ABC affiliate KITV.

The deed and the mortgage are both signed by Judy Grimanis, KHON reported.

Grimanis is an executive assistant at a private-equity firm in Chicago. It is the same name as a person who worked for Obama fundraiser (and current Commerce Secretary) Penny Pritzker’s companies. That firm is run by Marty Nesbitt, a frequent Obama golf and travel partner in Hawaii.

Does the Ferrari convey?

I’ve said for several years, since it became wholly apparent that Obama had no talent for nor interest in governing, that it feels like he’s in this, not to be president, but to be a former president. And, no wonder! What a sweet gig! It takes all his favorite parts of the job—speaking to adoring crowds and questioning the motives of the half of the country that disagrees with him— and puts the paycheck for them on steroids while removing all the parts he doesn’t like. It’s like if you were Magnum*… but without Higgins around. Hm.

You know his first act post-presidency will be some stilted, crap version of the “Magnum P.I.”** intro and the free world will oblige him by weeing its pants over the former leader of the free world’s skill with iMovie and ’80s nostalgia. Ugh, he’ll probably shoot it while he still has access to Marine One. Nooooo. And, you thought things would improve once he was out. But is he man enough to wear the short shorts?*** Show him how it’s done, Tom.****


*Despite being one of the ultimate symbols of carefree ’80s froth, the pilot episode of “Magnum” actually features a pretty disturbing thread of Vietnam PTSD as character motivation.
**Also, a then-unknown Judge Reinhold is in the pilot.
***Not that I’m that into “Magnum P.I.” It’s on Netflix, guys. It’s free! And, the M, A, G, N, U, M are really close together on Apple TV. Super-easy to search.
****He’s still got it.

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