Video: What happens when a reporter tries to out-squat a squatter in Detroit?

Here’s Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff, a truly great writer and character, giving a Detroit squatter a taste of her (his? It’s somewhat in question.) own medicine. A homeowner had allegedly been attacked by the squatter while trying to sell the property, so LeDuff paid a visit:

Detroit homeowner Sarah Hamilton wanted to sell her house, but was having some trouble.

No, it wasn’t a down seller’s market — it was a squatter.

Hamilton had a difficult battle: In the process of trying to get Lynn Williams out her house, WJBK-TV reported Hamilton was threatened with a knife. But things got more interesting after WJBK reporter Charlie LeDuff entered the picture. He met with the homeowner and her attorney, and was given a set of keys and the proper paperwork.

Then, after informing the police of his intentions, LeDuff donned a white bathrobe and walked right up to the front door to have a chat with Williams.

Of course, cameras were there to capture the pair’s conversation.