Video: Rory McIlroy's tee shot lands in some dude's pocket

Ahem, play it where it lies.

This summer, upon the arrival of young Rory McIlroy at the pinnacle of the PGA with back-to-back majors, Nike quickly capitalized on the buzz about the man who might be the “new Tiger.” Pairing McIlroy up with Tiger Woods, the two shot a funny commercial showing off their trick shots, ranging from impressive to obviously implausible.

Now, life imitates advertising in Atlanta, Ga. at the Tour Championship. Playing in the second round of the tournament, McIlroy’s tee shot on the 14th landed in a grove of trees surrounded by spectators. A young bro in an Auburn shirt, khaki shorts, and shades was moving away from the area to clear the way for the ball when it seems to have bounced off the tree and into the right pocket of his shorts.

McIlroy dropped, maintaining both his good humor and his head despite the ridiculousness of the scene. He managed a par on the hole.

This tops even McIlroy’s famous 2012 tee shot into a dead tree at the PGA Championship in South Carolina:

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Jazz Shaw 12:01 PM on November 30, 2022