Video: Democrats slaver through "questioning" of IRS Commissioner

Through every second of this montage, please remind yourself that these people fancy themselves anti-establishment. They are the fighters of the Man, the afflicters of the comfortable. Pathetic.

This incredibly powerful agency admitted wrongdoing, confessing its sins in passing at a conference where they hoped it might go little noticed. Its inspector general confirmed wrongdoing. Its wrongdoing was predicated on the identifying words for the administration’s political adversaries and those adjectives were the only ones used to discriminate against groups for which the IRS was to “be on the lookout.” These instructions came, demonstrably, from Washington, not rogue agents in Cincinnati. And, when Congress had the temerity to try to get to the bottom of this incredibly obvious abuse of power, the IRS lost documents in a manner which the agency itself would never accept from the American citizens it’s been found victimizing. You have to be irrational to suspend this much disbelief. These guys oblige.

Thanks Grabien for the montage.