Video: Watch live Ft. Hood press conference at 10:15 PM EST

Four dead, including the shooter. Possible suspect: Spc. Ivan Lopez.

Earlier, doctors spoke about the victims in the hospital:


Dr. Harry Papaconstantinou told reporters the victims’ injuries included gunshots to their extremities, abdomens, chests and necks.

Others were being treated at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center on base.

“This was another sad day for central Texas,” said Dr. Glen Couchman, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

Update (Erika): Some bullet points from the presser, via Lt. Gen. Mark Milley:

-At around 4 P.M. a single shooter — whose name Milley declined to reveal, since next of kin had not yet been informed — began shooting in a medical brigade area.

-After killing 3 and wounding 16, the suspected shooter killed himself with his own gun, a .45-caliber handgun that was not registered with the base.

-The suspected shooter had “behavioral health and mental health” issues, according to Milley, and was in the midst of treatment for depression and anxiety but had not yet been diagnosed with PTSD.

-“There is no indication that this incident is related to terrorism although we are not ruling anything out,” Milley said.

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