Cornyn crushes Stockman in Texas primary

A strange one, this. Rep. Steve Stockman said (sometimes ghost-tweeted) fiery things, but never really bothered to run a campaign, as far as anyone was able to tell:

Texas Sen. John Cornyn easily won his Republican Senate primary Tuesday, crushing firebrand challenger Rep. Steve Stockman on a Tuesday that was shaping up to be good for the GOP establishment.

As the kick-off of the 2014 primary season, the Texas races have not shaped up into the test of the GOP establishment that some activists hoped for, partly because of the weakness of the tea party challengers. The first truly competitive Senate primaries won’t come until early May, when the speaker of North Carolina’s state House faces a spirited challenge from the right and two Nebraska Republicans square off in an ideological battle for an open seat…

Cornyn now faces only token Democratic opposition for a third term in the Senate. Stockman, who jumped into the race just before the filing deadline but never ran an aggressive campaign and alienated many in the tea party, conceded quickly.

“We wish Senator Cornyn [the] best of luck in November and urge everyone to vote for, volunteer for and support the whole Texas GOP ticket,” Stockman tweeted just after The Associated Press called the race for Cornyn, with only about 2 percent of precincts reporting.

The scene on the ground in Texas was…odd:

It was easy to portray Stockman’s campaign as just some kind of hustle or strange performance art—-the marriage of Andy Kaufman and Michele Bachmann. The Texas congressman seemed to be invisible on the campaign trail… and everywhere else. At one point, he hadn’t made a public appearance for weeks while his staff refused to respond to basic inquiries. Instead, the Texas congressman limited his interactions to the public to ghostwritten tweets by his communications director and blast emails attacking Cornyn in BIG CAPITOL LETTERS…

Stockman’s campaign has repeatedly claimed endorsements that it did not receive. In January, his campaign’s website had a section called “past and present endorsements.” It was heavy on the “past endorsements,” including that of a conservative activist who had been dead for months.

Stockman’s campaign has also recently sent out a press release claiming that he had been endorsed by the head of a prominent Tea Party group. He hadn’t been and the quote he cited was three months old. His campaign has also explicitly lied about its rare interactions with reporters and published fake newspapers that featured insanely outrageous claims “Stockman’s Sanctity of Life Act Overturns Roe v. Wade” while managing to violate campaign finance laws at the same time.

Perhaps the ultimate chutzpah is Stockman’s campaign is now issuing threats that “any person or media organization” that publishes Stockman’s mugshot from a 1977 arrest when the Texas congressman was caught trying to smuggle valium in his underpants into jail to serve a weekend sentence.

And, what of the quixotic quest of Wendy Davis? Neither she nor Attorney General Greg Abbott faced serious competition for their respective party nominations in the gubernatorial race. She won the primary. Also:

Then there’s this:

The AP also declared victory for incumbent U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, in the Republican primary, and for George P. Bush in the Republican primary race for Texas land commissioner.