Georgia Congressional candidate spoofs Van Damme to bash ObamaCare

It was inevitable. And, I’m glad this is the guy who did it.

Mike Collins is one of several Republicans vying for Rep. Paul Broun’s seat in Georgia, and he owns a trucking company. Cue the Enya:

The voiceover refers to the pressures put on small business by ObamaCare:

“What you see is a small businessman, confronted with Obamacare, a disastrous government plan,” Collins, who owns a trucking business in the state, says in the video.

Emily Zanotti briefs us on Collins, who has some practice ahead of him to do the truly epic splits:

His campaign slogan is “Overhaul DC,” apparently in reference to his successful trucking business (over-hauling, har har), but Mike Collins has mostly been running on boyish good looks, his inexplicable hair, his affinity for high-waisted jeans, and his father’s legacy thus far (the Plan of Overhaul has yet to be unveiled, possibly, based on the following, because it’s so awesome, he can’t even tell you about it).

His father is former Rep. Mac Collins. I must say I would have appreciated a “this is a stretch for small business” pun, but overall I am pleased with this.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, candidates would prefer karoaokeing Enya if it meant they didn’t have to talk about Obamacare:

Earlier this week I noted that the words “Affordable Care Act” and/or “Obamacare” do not appear on the DCCC’s home page. Their spokesmen insisted that a section labeled “GOP Hypocrites” counts, although even on that link, there’s no mention of the president’s signature domestic legislation; it’s merely an attack that “Republicans are so intent upon taking away your health care that they shut down the government over it.” (Conflating Obamacare with “your health care” is the point, obviously.)

If you look at the individual campaign websites of the Jumpstart Candidates, you find that references to “Affordable Care Act” and/or “Obamacare” are few and far between. In fact, most of the campaign sites don’t even mention health care at all.

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