Report: Female reporters advised to have escort for interviewing Filner as third accuser comes forward

The Democratic mayor of San Diego and former Congressman Bob Filner has already admitted to “disrespecting” women coworkers and “intimidating” them, saying he needs “help” for what he himself suggests is a pattern of destructive behavior. His behavior has required a standing order not to meet with women behind closed doors and the creation of “workplace safety zones” for women who feel threatened by him. A female city councilwoman reported the complaints of six female employees against Filner two years ago only to have those complaints ignored by the party apparatus. I’m inclined to give some benefit of the doubt when accusers remain anonymous or before the man in question admits his transgressions, but we passed that point a while ago with Filner.


Local and national Democrats, men and women alike, continue to stand behind him.

Because, you know, I’m sure this is no big deal:

I have no idea if this is an overreaction, and it must be galling to women reporters to feel infantilized for the sake of this creep while they’re reporting on his creepiness. But judging from the above information, I’m betting the city attorney just wants plenty of witnesses to every Filner interaction, lest he be stuck paying out to Filner victims created during the reporting Filner victims. Two accusers have now gone public with accusations of sexual harassment at Filner’s hands.

Irene McCormack Jackson, Filner’s former communications director:

McCormack Jackson is the first woman to come forward publicly to accuse Filner; in recent weeks he has faced anonymous allegations that he harassed “numerous” women. Allred said that Filner had asked McCormack Jackson to “work without her panties on,” placed her in a headlock and told her that he wanted to consummate their relationship, among other incidents of harassment.

“Women were viewed by Mayor Filner as sexual objects or stupid idiots,” said McCormack Jackson, a former reporter who resigned from her position as communications director in June. “His behavior made me feel ashamed, frightened and violated.”


And now, Laura Fink, a deputy campaign manager for Filner when, as Ace puts it, “he was a colleague and close ally of War on Women Field Marshal Nancy Pelosi.”

According to KPBS Laura Fink, was Filner’s deputy campaign manager when the alleged incident took place at a fundraising event in 2005. Fink told KPBS that then-Congressman Filner patted her “posterior” while making a crude joke at the fundraiser.

KPBS reported that Fink said she sent an email to Filner’s personal account and documented the incident, demanding an apology. Fink told KPBS that a few days later, Filner mumbled to her, “I’m sorry” but added that she did not understand what happened.

Yes, if only Fink had understood properly that Filner’s liberal pedigree allows him to do whatever the hell he wants with the posteriors of his colleagues, as Emily’s List explained.

And, Morgan Rose, an employee of the school district on whom Filner used his acquaintance with First Lady Michelle Obama as a line:

Rose was working for an organization called America’s Angel Campaign when she met with Filner when he worked as a congressman, she told KPBS. The meeting was to help bring the issue of her organization to a national stage.

After their first meeting, Filner allegedly asked Rose for a private meeting, according to the interview. They met at a Marie Callender’s near his office, where Finer allegedly told Rose he had forwarded information about her campaign to Michelle Obama.

Rose said Filner then attempted to kiss her four separate times throughout the conversation and moved to sit next to her at the restaurant.
“He tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth,” Rose told KPBS.


Are they really going to let him give this speech?

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