Ten questions about the Obamacare employer mandate delay

The White House would rather we not talk or think about this subject since it announced this on a holiday week, but we shall defy them!

1. Do we think President Obama knew about the delay in the employer mandate or did he have to wait to find out about it when Air Force One landed back in America and he could get a newspaper in front of him?

2. Isn’t Obama just leaving the little guy out to dry by waiving a mandate for employers, who have an organized lobby, but leaving it in place for individuals?

3. Since we’re “already seeing benefits of Obamacare,” and the rest is so dangerous to the economy we’re delaying it, why do we need the rest?

4. Isn’t it the White House that’s interfering with implementation, now?

5. By Obama’s definition, did the White House just do an end-around Congress to limit women’s access to birth control? Without employer mandate penalties being enforced, will the administration also be declining to enforce penalties on employers who don’t provide free birth control? Or, is that lobby not powerful enough to get a waiver?

6. Doesn’t this just give us another year or two of uncertainty and slow hiring?

7. Is there any plausible way this is not a pretty devastating admission of Obamcare’s failures?

8. Would anyone sue to stop the administration from delaying this part of the law? HCAN? Some other liberal activist group? Maybe OFA could finally make itself useful in making the president’s priorities a reality.

9. What are the implications of the delay on the private health insurance market? Avik Roy offers some answers on this.

10. Are we all repealers now?

Exit question: Does this mean #WeCanWait after all?