Magpul leaves a parting gift in Colorado after ban: 1,500 free 30-round magazines

The people shall have their mags before the ban is enacted and Magpul pulls out of town:

As a final protest of Colorado’s new high-capacity magazine ban going into effect on Monday, Magpul Industries is giving away 1,500 30-round magazines on Saturday during an event the company calls “Farewell to Arms.”

They will be given away on a first-come first-served basis at Infinity Park in Glendale, near Denver.

The magazine ban is one of several new gun-control laws going into effect July 1, including universal background checks for all firearms transfers, requirements for gun buyers to pay for those checks, and other measures.


Dana Loesch is coming in via chopper to do the drop of the free mags, and proceeds from mag sales outside the giveaway will go to recall elections and fighting gun-control legislation. Our friend Kelly Maher is MCing the event, which also features bands and other speakers:

The event marks Coloradans’ last chance to celebrate the ability to own standard capacity magazines prior to new Colorado laws taking effect on July 1st. Political commentator Dana Loesch, keynote for the event, will arrive on the “Colorado Airlift”, a magazine-dropping helicopter scheduled to land at the event.

“Coloradans need our help right now,” said Dana Loesch. “I also wanted to fist-bump Magpul. They don’t just make and sell products, they’ve gone all-in with this fight. They’ve filed suit and are fighting on behalf of all Americans to preserve our Second Amendment civil liberties.”

“We are all coming together to celebrate the choice to defend ourselves,” said Kelly Maher, Free Colorado spokesperson and event MC. “Men and women are going to pour into Infinity Park to seize their last chance to buy standard capacity magazines before the Democrat gun laws go into effect.”


And, for any liberals lacking in basic gun knowledge—ahem, Rep. Diana Degette— no, mags are not ammunition.

Magpul manufactures and sells ammunition accessories. It is part of federal suit over recently passed gun-control legislation in Colorado, but has promised to leave the state regardless of its outcome.

“Just to clarify, we are still moving, regardless of the outcome of this legal action,” said a Friday post on the company’s Facebook page. “That train has left the station, and we are well into the selection and negotiation process as well as arranging many elements to be prepared to launch and already moving some production out of state.”

The lawsuit challenges two bills signed in March by Gov. John Hickenlooper: House Bill 1224, which restricts ammunition-magazine capacity to 15 rounds or fewer, and House Bill 1229, which requires background checks on all gun sales and transfers, including temporary transfers.

“This isn’t good public policy. These are really awful bills,” said Weld County Sheriff John Cooke at a Friday press conference. “They are unenforceable and encourage disrespect for the law, which puts both law enforcement and the public in greater danger.”


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Photo on front page courtesy of Dana Loesch’s Instagram.

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