Erin Burnett: Hey, 8 months does seem like a long time to release photos from Benghazi, huh?

Perhaps bringing attention to how long it’s been since Benghazi was not the best strategy, given the administration seems to know little more now than it did eight months ago and has held no one responsible and brought no one to justice. Exactly how long does President Obama get to soberly fact-gather after the deaths of four Americans before a large part of the press stops giving him credit for his signature deliberation and gets insistent on hearing some answers?

Here’s CNN’s Erin Burnett asking a few questions:

BURNETT: New leads in the Benghazi attack after an avalanche of criticism for the fact that absolutely no one has been held accountable. Today, the FBI released photos of three men they want to question about the September 11th attacks on the U.S. consulate in Libya that killed Chris Stevens and three other Americans. The men were on the ground of the consulate during the attack and may be able to provide information. The question is, why did it take about eight months to figure this out? To get these photos to the public? Would it ever had happened if there didn’t continue to be such incredible controversy about Benghazi? Barbara Starr is “Out Front” with the latest y is the FBI releasing the photos now?

The “avalanche of criticism,” of course, has been frequently criticized on the left as politically motivated, and even some alleged journalists seem to think pressing the administration on this issue is naught but a counterproductive stress on the president’s zen process of passive justice-seeking. But Burnett’s question is a good primer for those folks on what the press is supposed to do: “Would it ever had happened if there didn’t continue to be such incredible controversy about Benghazi?”

Barbara Starr wonders, along with the rest of us, where are these guys? And, if we’d known about them earlier perhaps we’d have a better chance of finding them, questioning them, and finding culprits?

STARR: It raises some very interesting questions what else does the FBI know? What kind of cooperation are they getting from the libyans? Why are they focusing in on these three men and these pictures of them there the night the attack happened in September?

Maybe we can keep pushing on this and we’ll find out more.

Update: Here are the pictures of the three men in question.

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