Father of fallen Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods: I do not appreciate cowardice, lies

From Megyn Kelly’s “America Live” today, Charlie Woods, who lost his son in the attack on the Benghazi consulate, reacts to the latest news that CIA command refused to send help. Speaking very calmly, Woods said his son deserves the same moral courage from the country’s leaders that he displayed in giving his life to save his fellow Americans:

“This is not about politics … if it were about politics, it would dishonor my son’s death. It’s about honor, integrity and justice,” he said.

“This news that he disobeyed his orders does not surprise me. My son was an American hero, and he had the moral strength to do what was right … even if it would have professionally cost him his job, even if it would have cost him his life.”

Woods went on to say that while he forgives those who gave the orders that indirectly led to his son’s death, he wishes they would take a lesson from the young former SEAL’s courage.

The interview speaks for itself, so I’ll let it. I honor Tyrone Woods’ sacrifice, and after hearing his father speak, I’m not surprised he raised a hero.

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