Video: The Ohio State marching band presents...your childhood

Consider your palate cleansed. As a marching band geek myself— ahem, drum major— I appreciate the hours of work that went into this (especially the 6-minute mark!) and love that the payoff is a viral hit for the band. Notice the roar of the crowd as it recognizes each new song and video game tribute. It’s like a nerd porn circle of life, in which playing a lot of video games in high school instead of getting social approval at football games leads to a perfect tribute to video games, which then leads to the ultimate expression of social approval at a football game. You earned it, Bandos! It’s like all those years wearing Mario-style polyester coveralls was just a really intense period of method acting for this very moment.

It’s up to a million views already, just two days after it happened, and on the long side for a hit YouTube vid, but stick with it if you want to see your favorite hits— HALO, Zelda, Mario, Tetris.

The Cal band did a similar performance in ’07, so I don’t want to leave them unmentioned. But the OSU one is more elaborate.

Exit question (Allahpundit ™): Encouraging to watch a football stadium go wild for a big-band musical performance or discouraging that video game scores are the orchestral touchstone of a generation?

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