Video: Meet the undecided voter the country's future depends on

Chuckle-worthy, from the crew at “Saturday Night Live.” Get to work on your outreach, guys, and answer some of these burning questions.

I don’t want to get too down on undecided voters. In fact, I like them very much and make them homemade cheesecake brownies once a week. They can certainly be a confounding concept to someone with a clear ideology, but I have great sympathy for their attitude. Because I work in politics, I get a lot of people apologizing to me in social situations for not being more engaged in the process than they are. But they’re not avoiding the process because they’re dumb or irresponsible. Many are avoiding it because Washington, D.C. represents a giant, confusing, often dispiriting system they feel would take too long to properly understand and even longer to make an impact on. Meanwhile, they’ve got children to raise and bills to pay, and the cost-benefit analysis of spending several hours a week on politics is not good. I tell them I think they’re mostly right about national politics, and I’d love to make things smaller, simpler, and more accessible, so that more people can be involved while also raising children and paying bills. That was the promise of Obama that worked for undecideds. Building that promise on an ever-growing, more expensive and complex federal government was a lie. Romney’s lead among them in many polls suggests they’ve seen that.

The question remains, are the few, the angry, and the unengaged enough, even if they break for the challenger in large percentages.

SNL also did a send-up of Ann Romney that wasn’t entirely mean-spirited and predictable, so there’s that.