DNC speech only second-most epic TV appearance Jennifer Granholm ever made

As E.M. Zanotti puts it, this is indeed a “gift to the world.” Jennifer Granholm, The Dating Game, 1978.

This really happened. Watch as Jennifer chooses between an amateur magician, a “male model” and a “robust” man who speaks five languages.

Who does then 19-year-old Granholm end up with? And, more importantly, where did she get those suspenders?! The whole thing must be watched. Since we’re having “That ’70s Election,” indulge in the low-rent production values, the awkward double entendre neutered by network standards and bachelor IQs, and evidence of enough aerosol hairspray to suggest Granholm might favor cap-and-trade as penance, not just policy. The Detroit Free-Press has details on how the gem came to light. Thank Facebook!

Further evidence of our being mired in ’70s-style ennui and self-flagellation? I watched “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” yesterday— not just because I find brunettes with gigantic teeth to be an inspiration— and found all of her clothes charming and wearable! Lord help us!

Mary Tyler Moore collage

To be fair, that jumpsuit would be reserved for kitschy parties and I might lose the bandana, but still!

Finally, need I remind you the viral video of the week was of a streaker? Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme. Observe your official content warning. This is slightly NSFW. There is a butt in it:

And, if you like a fun mix of pop culture, politics, and occasional fashion by a great writer, check in with our friend E.M. Zanotti frequently at NakedDC! She created “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan,” so she’s got to be great.