DWS says GOP put 'winning' over Isaac victims, Obama finishes up three-state campaign swing

Of course, President Obama was tenderly caring full-time about those in Hurricane Isaac’s path as he campaigned on a college campus in Ames, Iowa, dropped by his campaign office after a speech in Charlottesville, Va. to meet staffers, and told college students in Fort Collins, CO that Republicans “hope you stay home.”

It was precisely because he cares more deeply about disasters in the Gulf than any other president in history that he broke the long-standing tradition of not campaigning during his opponent’s convention to do a three-state campaign swing hundreds of miles from the scene of intense flooding in Louisiana. Or something.

Take it away, life-like talking points robot:

“They could have taken things down a notch,” Wasserman Schultz said at a Democratic press conference rebutting the Republican convention. “I think it probably was an example of their continued focus on winning at all costs.”

While she said she agreed with the RNC’s decision to scrub the convention’s first day because of safety concerns, “parties and the special interest-funded bashes” still were held “in spite of the fact that our state was getting hit and Tampa was still in the path of the storm.”

“I give them credit for canceling the first day,” she said. “The way they handled it going forward while the rest of the region is getting battered … you know, probably a challenging situation for them. There are other ways they could have handled it other than the path they chose.”

So, she says they could have “taken it down a notch,” which they already had by lopping off a day, and proceeds to “give them credit for canceling the first day.” That’s one more event than the president canceled, it seems. Her beef is that the convention’s surrounding parties and concerts— often thrown by trade associations, lobbyists, advocacy groups, and state parties— went on unabated on that first night, when “Tampa was still in the path of the storm.”

That would be Monday, which was so uneventful in Tampa as to prompt CNN to ask, Did the RNC jump the gun on delaying the convention?

GOP convention officials went to great lengths Sunday to cram a four-day event into three days after it canceled the gathering’s Monday calendar, citing severe weather conditions from Tropical Storm Isaac.

But did they jump the gun when they first decided Saturday to delay the start of the convention?

Those experiencing the weather in Tampa may be saying “yes.”

By midday Monday, it appeared Isaac was mostly bypassing Florida’s west coast, including the convention site. The storm should strengthen into a hurricane in the next day or two, but it’s expected now to strike further west, anywhere between the Florida Panhandle and Louisiana.

But surely Wasserman Schultz took her warroom down a notch this week out of respect for those in the path of the storm. Nah.

All that “shiny packaging” at the RNC isn’t going to smear itself! Priorities.