Blame the heat: Fox poll finds Obamacare more popular than tax cuts

Here’s a revealing, ominous and scary nugget from within the latest Fox News national poll:

By a pretty wide margin, Americans now say they approve of the Democrats’ 2010 Obamacare health law more than the Republicans’ tax cuts from last December.

The new poll, of 1,009 registered voters released Thursday evening, finds that 51 percent say they view Obamacare favorably, including 25 percent strongly and 26 percent somewhat.

In the same poll only 40 percent approve of the Republicans’ tax cuts and reforms, including 16 percent strongly and 24 percent somewhat.

This shows the Democrats have at least for now won the messaging war over the tax bill that expanded the child tax credit, lowered many individual tax rates, almost doubled the standard deduction and eliminated the mandate to buy health insurance.

Both measures were passed on strict party line votes. Obamacare, a massive measure that then Speaker Nancy Pelosi said needed to be passed before reading, came under withering criticism for its mandate and its severely botched rollout online.

Additionally, it turned out that President Obama’s serial promises that Americans could keep their existing health insurance and doctor were false. But for some reason in those days the mainstream media did not keep a running scorecard of a president’s lies or exaggerations.

As one result, midterm voters in 2010 produced an historic ousting of 63 House Democrats, turning that chamber over to Republicans for the first time since 2006. Even by March of 2015, Obamacare’s favorable-unfavorables were 38-58.

The GOP was counting on tax reform’s benefits, widely credited for this year’s sizable spurt in hiring and economic growth, to help counter the historical trend of a president’s party losing House seats in his first midterm elections, on average 33 in modern times.

As we wrote here yesterday, President Trump has set an ambitious schedule of fall campaigning to attempt to bolter GOP chances at the polls.

But Democrats have successfully drilled home the usual attack line that the measure benefited large corporations and rich people more.

For instance, the Fox News poll also found that 54 percent view Pelosi unfavorably and only 29 percent favorably.

But 50 percent separate her from the Democrat party, which they still view favorably while 46 percent are unfavorable. Only 39 percent view the Republican party favorably with 56 percent unfavorable.

Trump’s favorable-unfavorables are 41-57.

Yet, of all the issues like border security and guns that could be the most important factor in their midterm vote on or before Nov. 6, the economy and health care tied at 18 percent as the most important.

And in the closely-watched generic congressional ballot, 49 percent said if the election was today, they would vote for their district’s Democrat candidate, 38 percent said Republican.