Trump unblocks Twitter critics, appeals court order. But maybe they're Muted? ;-})

Because America has so few fights going on, here’s another one to add to the mix:

Remember the Manhattan federal district judge who said President Trump’s Twitter account couldn’t block seven of his most annoying Twitter followers like everyone else in the world can?

Free speech rights of the annoying people. Trump’s a public figure, forfeits privacy and ability to block out opponents based on their (anti-Trump) political views.

On Monday, obeying the federal judge, the president’s account unblocked those seven people. “We’re pleased that the White House unblocked our clients from the President’s Twitter account,” said Jameel Jaffer, one of the lawyers fighting this unnecessary case.

One of the annoying accounts, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland named Philip Cohen was positively ecstatic, tweeting: “We whined. We complained. We sued. We won our First Amendment lawsuit in federal court. And now @realDonaldTrump has unblocked me. Wow!”

But wait! There’s more!

Shortly after the unblocking, the Trump Justice Department announced it was appealing that May 23 decision by Judge Naomi Buchwald.

This is all apparently no small matter to an unorthodox president for whom having the last word seems important. Trump has made Twitter the key ingredient in his public communications to more than 52 million followers around the world and, through media coverage of his social networking utterances, millions more beyond.

No one imagines the commander-in-chief actually reads the thousands of Twitter messages fired at him daily. He only follows 46 people anyway, most of them family, political associates or Fox News personalities.

The biggest thrill for annoying Twitter followers is knowing they’ve gotten under your skin. Blocking admits that. When someone is blocked on Twitter, whenever they try to send you something, they get a Blocked message .

Many of those annoying people end up bragging about all the prominent people who have blocked them as a badge of something. Rosie O’Donnell, for one, has proclaimed the president blocked her.

But here’s the trick, which Judge Buchwald acknowledged would be perfectly legal. Mute the annoying people. Just turn them off via the tiny stack of three dots on the upper right of the Twitter page.

Muting on Twitter is the best thing ever! The beauty of muting is that you never ever see anything the annoying people send. Not one single letter or angry face.

But even better, the annoying Muted people have no way of knowing that they are muted. That’s right. They’re left completely clueless!  They just keep shouting down the well to no useful end. You win and they never know. It feels simply wonderful!

Of course, this is not something I would ever do. But a friend told me he has an uncle who does it.