Facebook has taken numerous serious hits in recent months over privacy, Russian manipulation and what some regard as censorship. Now, here’s some really bad news for the social media giant:


Older Americans are Liking it — a lot.

Facebook was built on young people who have more time to waste. But what happens if or when they discover that not just their parents, but their grandparents are moving into that once sacrosanct space? Eeew! Bye-bye safe space.

Here’s one nightmare scenario: Grandma starts proudly posting darling baby photos of her grandchildren (diaper ones are the best) and tagging the youngster’s friends.

But that’s just what’s happening. The largest growth in Facebook users during the last seven years — from about a third to half — has come among adults between 50 and 64. And retirement age Americans (an age that seems to increase over time, doesn’t it?) have almost doubled their use — from four seniors to seven now. No, just kidding on that number.

Gallup found that Facebook use actually dropped among 18-to-29-year-olds between 2011 and 2018 (from 74 to 72 percent). But among seniors over 65, it jumped from 18 percent t0 32 percent. An even larger jump came among the middle-aged 50 to 64 — an 18 point increase from 34 percent to 52 percent.


The 30-somethings to 49-somethings went up too, but only eight points. They may still have to work to earn money to enable their young-uns to spend that precious time on Facebook.

Among all U.S. adults, for the first time Facebook use increased from 46 percent to a majority, 56 percent.

Young adults remain the heaviest users, but the next older age cohort is catching up quickly. Just as in 2011, women (61 percent) are more likely than men (51 percent) to use the site.

While college graduates (61 percent) and post-graduate degree-holders (67 percent) remain heavy Facebook users, those with high school degrees or less have joined in too more, now up to 50 percent.

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