What do spelling misteaks say about Trump's White House?

Of all the major problems Donald Trump’s five-month-old administration has confronted and created, this is not one of them.

But it is an interesting and likely revealing take about inside operations there.

Seth Masket is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Denver and a prolific writer on politics and parties. In a previous life he worked in the correspondence section of the Bill Clinton White House, helping to produce the statements and answers to the thousands of letters that daily stream into that unique 20500 Zipcode.

In an interesting post, Masket recalls the numerous safeguards and sets of eyes that scanned every outgoing White House piece of correspondence and announcement for errors of fact and typos, both the embarrassing and run-of-the-mile type that silently announce slopppy people wrote them for a machine-written presidential signature.

He’s been cataloguing some of the tipos he’s spitted in Trump administration news releases, announcements and letters. There was one release talking about the important Middle East search for “lasting peach.”

Another dropped the h in the first name of British Prime Minister Theresa May, which doesn’t seem like a big deal. So, it talked about a bilateral Trump meeting with Teresa May. That May is also British, for sure. However, Teresa May performs not in Parliament as Theresa May formally does, but informally and nude in, shall we say, adult films.

There was a published White House list of terror “attaks” in “San Bernadino” and “Denmakr.”

Embarrassingly, on initial publication a message on President Trump’s Education Award spoke of school “succuess.” Most teechers would spot that won write away.

Now, Trump supporters will be quik to lable this as fake news from a biased media. To be sure, there’s been a lot of that floating around. Masket claims no inside knowledge on contemporary administrations’ editing processes or lack thereof.

But sloppiness has been frowned upon by professionals in business and previous administrations. Readers need not be Trump supporters to sympathize with the faceless drones in this White House who must address or respond to this president’s frequent outbursts on Twitter and elsewhere, a fair number of them factually-challenged themselves.

Trump’s harried communications team is reportedly undergoing an overhaul now involving, among other things, the elevation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer to a supervisory role and a search for a new spokesperson to handle the not-so-daily-anymore media briefings.

Because many MSM repeaters in the White House press room depend on such official spoon-feeding to demonstrate to bosses they work each day, the media briefing cutback has aroused their ire and is another reason to dislike Trump.

Perhaps a new communications set-up will be more successfull in meating their needs and detectiving misspilled wurds.